Emergency Permanent Stabilization Design for Single Family Residence in Laguna Beach.

Shoring Design: Earth Support Systems, Inc.

Drilling & Shoring Contractor: Zamborelli Enterprises


Case Study

Zamborelli Enterprises, Inc., foundation drilling and shoring specialists, brought Earth Support Systems in on a job involving a private residence that sits high atop a cliff that rises vertically from the beach.  The cliff was unstable and was starting to slip away, taking with it part of the Ashwill family’s backyard.

Zamborelli Project Manager Dan Luong said, “We met with the Ashwill family and proposed a soil nail wall to solve the problem. We hired Earth Support Systems to design the soil nail wall, because they are specialists in shoring design, and they know what they are doing.”

Earth Support Systems designed a soil nail wall with Shotcrete, a process that sprays concrete with air on a vertical surface. Zamborelli Enterprises implemented the design. Once the shotcrete was applied, Zamborelli’s team simulated the look of the natural cliff by artistically carving rock shapes, fractures and fissures and using different stains to make the shotcrete wall look very natural.

“Earth Support Systems’ soil nail wall design solved the problem and stopped the slippage of the cliff,” Luong stated. “We can always count on Earth Support Systems to create a solid shoring design.  They don’t over-design, which would make a project unnecessarily expensive, nor do they under-design, which might mean the shoring could fail,” Luong concluded. “They are very responsive to changes, as well as changing conditions.”


December 2, 2005


Zamborelli Drilling Enterprises


California, Orange County