Earth Support Systems, Inc. is an engineering design company that specializes in civil and structural engineering of shoring and earth retaining systems, preparation of construction documents, design submittals, and special investigations, studies and reports. The innovative company was founded in July 2000 and since then has become the largest shoring specialty engineering firm in San Diego. The company’s expertise is often needed outside of San Diego as we maintain a strong presence in Los Angeles, in addition to having projects throughout California and beyond.

Our customers come to us for comfort as they know our reputation for clean practical designs, quick responsiveness in the field, and cost-effective solutions to their problems. Our role as civil engineers in the bigger picture of construction is to design systems that hold up streets, adjacent buildings and protect the utilities. We are both structural engineers and geotechnical engineers, and once we finish our support work, the builder can begin to build safely.

“As shoring contractors, our guys like working in the field with Earth Support Systems’ plans, because they know the plans will be complete, the shoring system won’t fail, and they won’t have to stop work to ask questions. Earth Support puts a lot of thought into their design work and the specifics of each project. Their shoring designs don’t just come out of a box; they are very innovative.  ESSI understands the actual building process, not just the engineering. When you have that kind of engineer, you can get into more complex jobs and know that when something unexpected comes up in the field, it can be dealt with in a timely manner.  Recently, ESSI helped us with a difficult job in Orange County. It was a permanent, cantilevered retaining wall project for a housing track, which consisted of a 14-foot-tall wall and an additional three-foot crash wall above it. We had to integrate a crash barrier capable of taking the impact of an 80,000-lb trash truck driving at 60 miles an hour. Earth Support System’s innovative design handled this unique requirement. That’s just one reason we’ve worked with them for so many years. I know I can always call and get the answers I need when I need them, without playing telephone tag.  Will and his group are always willing to do what is needed to get the problem fixed even if it’s after hours.”

                                                            Rian Grenke


                                                            Alliance Diversified Enterprises, Inc.

                                                            Escondido, CA


“I have worked with Will Fischetti for over ten years on multiple projects throughout Southern California. His firm is always my first choice.  My job as a shoring contractor is to assemble a good shoring package in a limited amount of time and within extremely tight budgets. Earth Support enables me to accomplish this with their innovative yet cost effective shoring designs.  Earth Support Systems provides detailed, easy to read shoring plans that allow cost effective execution in the field. We’ve worked together on numerous underpinning projects where we have to hold up an adjacent building while excavation is performed for the new structure.  When we come across unforeseen conditions, Earth Support Systems provides an immediate site evaluation and proposes timely solutions, keeping the project on schedule and within budget. In an industry where down time is very costly, the team at Earth Support Systems enables me to continue an unimpeded flow of production, giving our customers a quality product at a reasonable cost.”

Jack White

Superintendent, San Diego Office

Malcolm Drilling Company

Foundation Contractors