Temporary Shoring/Underpinning Design for approximately 28,500 square feet of shoring for 29-story apartment building.



We are a specialty contractor for underground foundation and shoring projects, and we have brought in Earth Support Systems to design the plans for dozens of projects since 2002. Recently, our San Diego office brought them in to design the temporary shoring plans for the Allegro Towers project in San Diego. It is a new residential tower adjacent to the Ward Building, an existing 20-story office tower. When you are holding up an adjacent building, it is critical that the building not be damaged. It was complicated to build because the Ward Building had a basement. We put in most of the beams from existing grade. When we got to the bottom of the Ward Building, we had to put in more beams. The job went very well, thanks to Earth Support Systems’ design.”


May 31, 2002


Condon-Johnson & Associates, Inc.


California, San Diego