“We like working with Earth Support Systems because they are specialists in shoring design, and they know what they are doing.  They don’t over-design, which would make a project unnecessarily expensive, nor do they under-design, which might mean the shoring could fail.  They are very responsive to changing conditions.  For example, on a recent job at Los Angeles International Airport, Fischetti’s team designed the shoring with soldier beams and tie-backs. When we began drilling, we started hitting underground utilities. Will had to respond quickly and design an alternate shoring plan in the middle of the job.  ESSI designed a cantilever system instead of the original tie-back system which allowed us to install the shoring completely, without damaging further utilities. On a different project in Laguna Beach, the cliff rising up from the beach was starting to slip away and jeopardize the back yard of a private residence at the top. Earth Support Systems designed a Soil Nail Wall with Shotcrete that solved the problem and stopped the slippage.”

Dan Luong 

Project Manager

Zamborelli Enterprises

Laguna Beach, CA


January 31, 2007


Zamborelli Drilling Enterprises / Malcolm Drilling Company


California, Los Angeles